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C.E.O Message:

I am the third generation in my family as my grand father had started this business way back in sixties. We are engaged in trade, sales and service of Tractors and are also into manufacturing of all kinds of agriculture machinery from past more than 50 years and have specialized in this field, we are mainly based in karachi which is business hub of Pakistan through "Karachi Tractors" of UHK group of Companies. Basically its my family business but I take it as a service to the nation because the agriculture sector is the most important contributor to the economy in Pakistan, hence we should provide our poor farmers who sheds its sweat all the day to produce crops for the nation with all the basic needs and farming tools which is one of my goals, that is to make and produce most advanced yet inexpensive modern farming machinery here locally otherwise the farmers would be forced to buy imported ones at a very high price.

Besides poor economic conditions and ever increasing cost of doing business we still strive our best to keep prices of these modern agriculture equipments under control and in reach of majority of poor farmers for further cultivation and development of their lands. But again due to multiple challenges being faced by tractor manufacturing industry like day to day increase in cost of doing business tractor prices escalate every year or half directly impacting on sales figures which are unsatisfactory whereas production figures are also in deficit against ever increasing demand. All of this combined is making our tractors more expensive then what our neighbors like India are selling on much lower prices we here as if you look into past Tractors manufactured in Pakistan were cheapest in the world and was a matter of pride for the nation. Due to this not only our sales figures have declined but even our export numbers are alarming.

 We should take war footing measures to serve farmers and agriculture sector and for this my suggestion would be for the government to announce more green tractor schemes and offer subsidies on agriculture products, e.g machinery and equipment, fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, etc. We want level playing field, there should be no duties and taxes on imported used and new tractors to promote a healthy competition in the market and also because famous tractor brands like Belarus MTZ are highly in demand by the farmers due to their reliability and strength but sadly are out of their reach due to expensive prices.

Usama Abbas Khan Niazi
(Director) Usama Haris Khan & Company
(Chief Executive) Karachi Tractors
Chairman KW & SB - Standing Committee (KATI)
Chariman Anti-Corruption & Anti Smuggling - Standing Committee (KATI)
Member of Karachi Chambers & Commerce Industry (KCCI)
Member - Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC)
Member - Peace Committee (PC) District Korangi
Member of KITE Development and Management Company (KITE)
Member of Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI)

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