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Reversible Ploughs

Ransomes reversible ploughs give efficient, cost effective ploughing, yet simple to operate. With the furrows one-way, they leave the level with no ‘dead’ furrows. This means easier, quicker cultivation prior to drilling or planting.

Standard mechanical reversing on the TD16B and the TD28 is semi-automatic by a simple pull of a lever, operated from the tractor seat when the ploughs are raised. Hudraulic reversing is optional on the TD28 operated by the tractor’s external service. Easily adjustable rear furrow wheel provides positive steering for the plough when in work.



Available with 3 furrows, this reversibale is designed to fit behind tractors up to 75 hp. Easily adjustable furrow widths are obtained by simply altering the regulating stop on each side the frame.


This big clearance 3 furrow disc plough is intended for work in heavy trash conditions will fit behind tractors up to 115 hp. The disc angle is adjustable to suit varying conditions. There’s a choice of mechanical or huydrualic reversing.


The action of the adjustable spring helps to prevent the rear wheels from ‘kicking’ out of the furrow when the discs encounter extra hard patches. The cross shaft can be reversed end to end. This special feature the weight to be transferred to the tractor wheels to the tractor wheels for better grip or to the discs for better penetration. Mechanical reversing is provided on the TD16 and TD28 to give a positive turnover by a simple pull of the a lever operated within easy reach of the tractor seat. Hydraulic reversing is offered on the TD28 to give a rapid, smooth turnover operated from the tractor cab.

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