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Fixed Ploughs

Ransomes range of fixed ploughs have proved their strength and dependability in some of the toughest farming territories in the world. Today, these ploughs stand alone for performance, durability and ease of operation.

Easily adjustable disc units let you choose the appropriate furrow width; narrow setting for hand land or wide setting for coping with heavy surface trash. There are two cross shaft setting; one for hard land, the other for greater weight transference.


With a 100mm x 100mm (4in x 4in) frame section this disc plough is offered with 2 or 3 furrows and is ideal for tractors in the 35 – 75 hp range.





With a 100mm x100mm (4in x4in) frame section it is available with 4 or 5 furrows and is designed for tractors in the 55 – 85 hp range.




A heavy-duty disc plough, it has a 150mm x 100mm (6in x 4in) frame section with a choice of 3,4 or 5 furrows and recommended for use with tractor in the 65 – 120 hp range.The TDF30 is offered with 76 cm (30in) discs as an option for deeper work.



Each disc unit is clamped to the frame and positively located by set screw in the appropriate recessed hole depending on the width of cut required. In exceptionally hard land the number of furrows can be reduced by relocating the rear furrow above the beam to assist penetration. Plain or cutaway discs of manganese steel have a toughened cutting edge to resist wear, and a ductile center to absorb shock. Renewable shields protect the disc bearing housings from contact with the soil. Disc scrapers are standard. Timken, heavy-duty tapered roller bearings, sealed against dust, are fitted to discs and wheels to lighten draught and give prolonged life. They are adjustable to ensure free running over long service .

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