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Chairman Message

Our beloved Pakistan is at present facing many challenges, first and foremost among them is war against terrorism besides effect of global recession and power crises. But inspite of all the odds, our present government lead by Mian Nawaz Sharif is doing its best to overcome these challenges, and I am proud that our army under the command of General Raheel Shareef is no doubt fighting bravely on all the fronts to make Pakistan a great nation. The initiatives taken by our government has borne fruit and now Pakistan has emerged as a forward looking country and moving ahead on course of success and progress.

Usama Harris Khan & Company (UHK) is a group of companies involved in trade of tractors, manufacturing of agricultural equipments and implements, sales and export of the same from past 20 years now with its role as one of the leading company contributing significantly in economic growth of the country.I am also pleased to say that (UHK) has done tremendous job under the great and able team lead by our C.E.O Mr. Usama Niazi who worked hard throughout day and night for progress of this company. I acknowledge that (UHK) did its level best in providing excellent service to its customers and was quite successful in achieving its goals.

I am also hopeful and confident that (UHK) would continue with the same pace to fulfill its customer demands worldwide and keep them satisfied at all times and this process of quality manufacturing, sales and service would be further strengthened.

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