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Belarus 1025

  • D-245 Turbocharged Diesel Engine 77 (105) kW (h.p)
  • Dry, Double-Disk, spring-loaded Clutch
  • Gearbox 4-Range, Synchronized , 16/8 Gears
  • Hydraulic Hitch System With Force and Position Working Depth Control, Optional Combined Control

Technical characteristics

Type diesel with turbocharging and direct injection
Capacity, h.p/kW 104,7(107,4)/77,0(79,0)
Brand mark D-245/D-245C
Ecological standard Stage 0/Stage I
Fuel use, g/(kW·h) 236,00+3/244,00+5
Torque capacity, Н·m2 385,5/385
Transmission system
Selective gear mechanical, synchronized
Flywheel clutch dry, double disk
Number of gears FWD/BWD 16/8
Back PTO shaft, min-1 540/1000

Rear axle differential lock: with electrohydraulic control, three operating modes (disengaged; lock engaged with automatic disengagement when front wheels turn more than 13 degree; forced engaged).

Hydraulic hitch system: Unit-principle with hydraulic lift, providing draft, position, combined and height position control of implements.

Load-carrying capacity of back suspension gear on suspension axis, kg, minimum 4200
Full scale pressure, MPa 20-2
Pump displacement at nominal speed of diesel crankshaft, l/min, minimum 56
Hydraulics reservoir capacity, l 25,5 ± 0,5
Type wheeled
Axle arrangement 4К4
front 360/70R24; 11,2R24
back 15,5R38; 18.4R34; 9.5R42; 11,2R42
Other specifications
Maximum weight, kg 8000
Climatic modification У1,Т1
Minimum and maximum speed FWD/BWD, km/h Min 2,3/4,1; Max 36,6/17,2
Reverse gear mechanical

Differential rear axle lock: friction-type, with hydraulic control, three operating modes: forced engaged, engaged automatically (at slip of rear wheels).

Length With Front Weight, mm 4205
Width, mm 1970
Height, mm 2820
Wheelbase, mm 2570
Tread, mm:  
Front wheels 1420-2000
Rear wheels 140-2100
Road Clearance, mm:  
Under front axle 645
Under rear axle 465
Minimum Turning Radius, m 4,5
Operating Weight less Ballast, kg 4480
Tire Size (standard):  
Front 13,6-20 (360/70R24)
Rear 16.9R38 (18,4R34)


Versatile, unit-principle type, with force, position and combined working depth or optional hydraulic lift, with mechanical 3-P.T. lock in transport position.

  • Lifting Capacity
  • At Lower-Link Ends, kgf 4300
  • Maximum Operating Pressure,
  • Kgf/cm2 200
  • Pump Output, L/min 56
  • Capacity, L 35

Brakes: Service and Parking Brakes dry, disk-type, optional – wet. Trailer brakes drive pneumatic, locked with tractor brakes control (optional duble-line system). Automatic engagement of front driving axle at tractor barking

Steering Control: hydrostatic, with metering pump and hydraulic steering cylinder.

Front Driving Axle: portal type, with limited slip differential or planetary spur reduction gears and pivoted steering knuckles. Frictimon clutch with electrohydraulic control allows to engage the axle under load and provides three operating modes: “engaged automatically” (at slip of rear wheels); “engaged constantly”; “disengaged”.

Electric Equipment: 1000-W generator with 14-V rectified voltage, 24-V starting with 6-kW starter and electric torch preheater.

Cab: comfortable, safe (ROPS), complies with OECD requirements, with window and roof hatch, electric wipers for windshield and rear window modern dashboard with indicators and instruments controlling tractor systems operation.

Components: additional working lights, additional front and rear weights, three pair s of hydraulic outlets and one drain outlet, floating hitch, hydraulic hook, took device, additional double-line pneumatic system complying with ISO and CEE/ECC standards, spacers for rear dual wheels, front wheels11.2-20, rear wheels 9.5-42; 11.2-42; 15.5R38.

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