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For cargo handling works and works related to the bulk transportation on short distances; Snow cleaning work on the streets, squares and pavements with a hard covering of freshly fallen snow (also possible to clear from sand and dust); trench backfilling with soil; roads, sidewalks, squares treatment of the waste.

Model 320 MUP
Type with a front loader and a broom
The base chassis Belarus tractor
320 power - 33.5 hp
Load capacity, kg 400
Bucket capacity, m3 00:25
Maximum unloading height Cup, mm 2000
Maximum work digging depth, mm 290
Brooms working width, mm 1300
Brooms working angle degrees 30
Snow maximum height of one foot, mm 300
Overall dimensions, mm
Length 5355
Width 1800
Height 2320
Gross weight, kg 2025

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