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Sweeper Belarus 320 MK (blade and brush) is used for the cleaning of streets, squares, roads and sidewalks of snow and falling debris, as communal machine is used in the planning of bulk soil and filling trenches and pits with soil. The machine consists of a basic utility tractor MTZ 320 and installed equipment (brushes, blade).

Technical characteristics of Belarus 320 MK
Motor MTZ 320 MK
Engine power of tractor 26,5 (36) kW (l/s)
Number of cylinders 3
Fuel capacity 32 l
Model LDW1603/B3
Dimensions and weight of Belarus 320 MK
Width 1800 mm
Height 2320 mm
Length 4830 mm
Wheelbase tractor Belarus 320
Weight 2110 kg
Transmission MTZ 320 MK
Gearbox mechanical, manual
Number of gears forward/reverse 16/8
Hydraulic system of Belarus 320 MK
Maximum system pressure 20 MPa
Pump capacity 16 l/min
Tractor hydraulic capacity 10 liters

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