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Technical characteristics

Type four-stroke diesel
Capacity, h.p/kW 36/26,5
Rated speed, r/min 3000
Number of cylinders, pcs. 3
Cylinder bore/piston stroke, mm 88/90,4
Displacement, l 1,649
Torque capacity, H·m2 92,0
Factor of torque backup, % 12
Fuel tank capacity, l 32
Category 0,6
Transmission system
Flywheel clutch dry, single-disk, friction, spring-haded
Selective gear mechanical, fixed-ratio with constant-mesh gears, with easy-engagement clutches, 2-ranqe with back-qeared reducer
Number of gears
FWD 16
Travel speed, km/h:
forward/reverse 1,0-25,2/1,8-13,3
Back PTO shaft:  
dependent I, rpm 540
dependent II, rpm 1000
synchronous I, rpm of track 3,4
synchronous II, rpm of track 6,3
Main gear spiral-bevel gears
Rear axle gear, bevel with 2 pinions, differential with mechanical lock
Final drives single-reduction units with spur gears
Dimensions and weights
Length, mm 3050/3220
Width, mm 1550
Height, mm 2150
Wheelbase, mm 1690
Tread, mm:
front wheels 1260; 1410
rear wheels 1250; 1400
Ground clearance, mm 320
Min turning radius, m 3,7
Operated Weight, kg
with cabin 1720
Tyre sizes (standart)
front 7,5L – 16
back 12,4L – 16

Versatile, unit-principle, implements coupling by means of pins to the lower and top link ends.

Load-carrying capacity of back suspension gear on suspension axis, kg 1100
Full scale pressure, кгс/см2 200
Pump capacity, l/min 17

Brakes : basic - disc, operating in oil, isolated on the left and right rear wheels; parking - self-contained mechanical drive service brake.

Steering : Hydrostatic with metering pump, hydraulic steering trapeze.

Front Drive Axle : Portal, with a limited slip differential and a ratchet freewheel, driven by the output shaft gearbox with single reduction final drives.

Electrical Equipment : Generator Set - 65A AC rectified voltage of 14 V and battery capacity of 88 Ah and 12-volt starting system starter 12 V 2.2 kW.

Cab : safe, comfortable, with an opening roof, side and rear windows, with elektrostekloochistitelem and headlight glass, with heating and ventilation system meets the requirements of the OECD and EEC directives.

Special equipment: tires for golf

Front wheels – 10/75-15,3 (760*264)

Rear wheels – 13/75-16 (920*325)


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