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1443 & 1543 Tandem offset discs

Models 1443 and 1543 tandem offset discs feature four-section flexibility for unmatched ground hugging capabilities. The unique linkage system allows each half of the unit to function independently. Flexibility of this kind puts the four-section in a class of its own. There’s not a three-section disc produced that conforms to the contour of the land as this disc does. The high degree of flexibility also holds breakage and downtime to a minimum when operated in rocky or stump-infested conditions. The independence of the two halves combined with the four-sections of flexibility enables this disc to perform in undesirable conditions. Less weight is concentrated on the ground engaging parts when a rock or stump is encountered. The unique linkage system enables the disc to not only flex from side to side but also from front to rear. lt's balanced draft and even distribution of frame weight insures uniform penetration - even in tough conditions.

They perform flawlessly, leaving the ground level in both primary and finishing operations. These big discs maintain the Sunflower reputation, for they lead the pack and definitely deserve the rating as being America's best bulit disc. Unique linkage system permits both side-to-side and front-to-rear flexing for unmatched ground-hugging capabilities.

The 1443 and 1543 model discs feature an all new narrower tongue that allows a much shorter turning radius. The new design is an all welded assembly that reduces the number of potential wear points and provides much more front to rear stability during transport. The hand ned ball joints used in the connecting pot allow necessary movement as ditches and rough terrain are crossed. The patented linkage system maintains proper positioning of the two halves while allowing total flexibility. Each half of the unit ls allowed to function independently. This not only allows four-section flexibility across the cutting width of the disc but more importantly the unmatched feature of flexing from front to rear. The outer wing sections fold hydraulically for roading, and all four-section discs feature six big tires on the ground during transport. The Model 1443 is available in 252 27', 29' and 35' cutting widths, the 1543 comes in 33' and 38' cutting widths.

The hydraulic selector valves are standard equipment on Model 1543 discs. The Model 1443 is designed to operate with tractors having at least three hydraulic outlets. Tractors with less than three outlets will require the 1443 to be equipped with an optional hydraulic selector valve kit.

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