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Series 1300 Flexible offset Disc

Sunflower introduced the first flexible offset disc to the American farmer way back in 1968. With more than 20 years of disc building experience. Sunflower knows what it takes to make them work. That’s why we say the 1300 Series is the best flexible offset disc money can buy. Check the features; heavy-duty gauge wheels to prevent gouging, a self-leveling hitch to maintain a level frame from front to rear, individual wheel adjustment to level each section laterally, pre-set gang angle to eliminate side draft and insure level discing and frame flexibility that allows the two and three section models to work rough terrain and terraces uniformly. The 1300 Series is another Sunflower disc that capably handles primary and finishing operations. Regardless of the operating depth or soil conditions, it will always provide that level job you’ve come to expect from a Sunflower. Like all Sunflower discs, the 1300 Series qualifies as America’s Best Built Disc.

The Precisely positioned hitch is adjustable to help you fine tune your disc so that it will pull straight in nearly any field condition. This, combined with pre-set gang angles makes the 1300 the straightest pulling offset on the market today.


Wheels adjustment on the center section of the 1331 or main frame of the 13211 is an essential adjustment. It allows the frame to be leveled to meet existing field conditions. The Model 1321 flexible offset disc features two-section flexibility that allows each section to conform to rolling terrain and terrace.Cutting widths are available from 12’ to though 18’. The 1331 section disc folds hydraulically for a narrow transport width Cutting width available in 20’ size only.


Swivel Linkage provides wheel adjustment for the leveling of wing frames. This unique linkage allow the frame sections to flex freely as the machine conforms to any ground contour.

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