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Rotary Ditches

Our MONOWHEEL ROTARY DITCHERS are particularly fir for digging and cleaning ditches for irrigation or water drainage.They can be couples to alt wheel tractors with universal 3 point connection. The Operating transmission is done by the tractor P.T.O at 540 r.p.m. The monowheel ditchers can be used with advancement speeds of 1000/ 1200/ 1500 meters /hour , in case of very hard soills; It is advisable to use tractors provided with a super-reduction gear at 500/500 meters/ hour.

A new ditch is digged in various passages according to the depth requirements the nature of the soil and the minimum advancement speed of the available tractor. An already existing ditch is cleaned in one or two passages according to the requirements. the digged soil is thrown uniformly several meters far from the ditch and no other work is necessary to arrange it.

The monowheel rotary ditchers are fit with an adjustable cover allowing, when necessary, to keep the digged soil near the ditch bank. The ditch has a trapezoidal shape, with a standard angle of 30 degree.

The depth adjustment is carried out by the operator bu the lever of the tractor hydraulic lifting device in controlled position. All bevel gear pairs have Gleason Helical Teethin oil bath. Interchangeable knives and teeth are in thermically treated manganese-silicon stell R. 150/160.

The highest strength and longest life of our machines are guaranteed by our long experience which sets our production at a very advance worldwide stage in this branch.

TYPE For HP Weight Kg A B C Price
DMR 25  35-45  235  65  20  40  
DMR 35  40-45  250  75  20  50  
DMR 45  45-50  410  89  25  60  
DMR 45 -PA  50-55  466  100  25  65  
DMR 55 -PA  55-60  480  115  25  75  


Available upon request and by extra charge for DMR 45 - 45-PA -  55-PA - 65-PA / 40 3 point hydraulic device. Multiple disk cluch on PTO shaft Rear wheel for transport (DMR 65-PA - DMR 65-PA /40 "Waterproof" protections on rotor shaft bearings Gear box fitted for PTO 1000 r.p.m (DBR 65-PA and DMR 65-PA/40 only)

Monowheel ditchers are delivered complete with oil in the gear box, universal joint, two knives and two teeth as spares and two spanners for knives and teeth. We can supply the super Reductors Gear Boxes for some type of tractors having to employ our DMR 65-PA and 65-PA/40 in hardest soils.


Three Point Hydraulic Device:

Our Monowheel Rotary Ditchers DMR 45- 45-PA - 55-PA- 65-PA and DMR 65-PA/40 types can all be equipped with a Three Point Device operated by the operator on his driving seat by a lever with a steel wire.

Our Monowheel Rotary Ditchers are operated by the power take off at 540 r.p.m. Upon request and without extra chargethe types DMR 65- PA and DMR 65-PA/40 can be manufactured for use with P.T.O at 1000 r.p.m.

The Standard digging angle iis 30 degree upon request and by extra-charge it is possible to manufacture monowheel ditchers with a digging angle at 25 or 35 or 40 degree with different digging angles from the standard one. the sizes in table A change proportionally.


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